September 18, 2014 Draft Minutes

September 18, 2014 Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes of the September 18, 2014 meeting of the CCNA


Mike Keeler opened the meeting at 7:05 and reviewed the agenda

John Cherry read the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was accepted and approved.

Ann Kucera presented the Treasurers’ reports for September. A motion to approve the reports was made and seconded. The motion passed.


Real Estate Report – Mark Fisher

–          Sales are still moving in the right direction

–          Distressed home numbers have stayed low (current 3)

–          Prices are still stabilizing ($27.03 per square foot since last meeting)

o   Some homes have sold too low (could have sold for more)


Blue Ribbon Commission on Governance – Jim Richardson

–          There will be six proposal questions on the November ballot that relate to the charter

–          The first question is to set up a charter commission to revise the charter, which would then be voted on by the citizens. The charter commission would be elected in February

–          Elimination of the Ombudsman Office

–          Elimination of the Civil Service Commission

–          Eliminate requirement for certain executive departments

–          Reduction of Mayoral appointments from 10 to 5

–          Requirement of utilization of certain best practices in the budgeting process

–          There is an informational meeting 25th September at 5:30pm at the Flint Public Library

–          There is a forum September 29th 5:30pm at New Jerusalem Church


Sheldon Neeley – Candidate for State Representative, Current City Councilman

–          Discussed the situation with the Emergency Manager and about issues of democracy

–          Discussed the city ballot issues, he will be voting no due to the method via which the proposal went on the ballot

–          Discussed the situation with the city water

–          Took questions on revenue sharing and water


Vince Slocum – City of Flint Planning Department and Parks and Recreation

–          Vince is handling day-to-day operations of the City Parks

–          Wants input on what the neighborhood would like to see done with Pierce Park

–          810-766-7426 ext. 3029

–          Discussion occurred on ideas for Pierce Park


Mike Herriman – Neighborhood Watch

–          Citizens Radio Patrol – utilizes old police radios to report illicit activity

–          403 S Franklin – there still seems to be some issues

–          211 S Franklin, police caught someone breaking and entering (stealing jewelry), he is still currently in jail

–          The suspected perpetrators of the homicide on Meade are on track for trial in about a year

–          Discussed the recent dog incidents


Mike Keeler

–          Discussed the renewal and slight increase in the Genesee County Parks millage (.48 mills to .75 mills) that is on the ballot for November

–          When property values decreased Mott helped to fill the gap when the revenue from property taxes decreased

–          The slight increase would allow the County to pay for their operations again


The next neighborhood watch meeting is October 16th and the next neighborhood association meeting is November 20.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm

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