City of Flint Contact Information



Public Safety

Emergency: 911

Chief’s Office: 810-237-6868

Police Operations Bureau (Patrol): 810-237-6801

Records, Complaints & Impounds: 810-237-6901

Traffic Section (Accident Reports): 810-766-8968

Criminal Investigations (Detectives): 810-237-6901

Community Policing: 810-237-6853

Community Tip Hotline: 810-237-6812

Special Operations: 810-237-6950

Internal Affairs: 810-237-6842

Youth/Juvenile Services: 810-237-6820

Crime Stoppers: 1-800-422-JAIL

Dumping Hotline: 810-237-6957

Anonymous Tip Line: 810-237-6812

Property Assessment; Values and Taxes: 810-766-7255

Abandoned Buildings: 810-766-7284

Animal Control: 810-732-1660

Blight Elimination (Building Inspections): 810-766-7284


City Clerk

Elections: 810-766-7413

Licensing: 810-766-7416

City Council: 810-766-7418

Customer Service (Information concerning property and income taxes, as well as water bills): 810-766-7015

Demolitions: 810-766-7284

Planning and Zoning: 810-766-7355

Report Scrappers: 810-237-6812

Street Maintenance (Leaves and Snow): 810-766-7450

Flint Housing Commission Information: 810-736-3050

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