May 15, 2014 Minutes

May 15, 2014 Minutes

Minutes of the May 15, 2014 meeting of the CCNA


Mike Keeler opened the meeting at 7:05 and reviewed the agenda

John Cherry read the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was accepted and approved, with one correction.

Sherry Hayden presented the Treasurers’ reports for May. A motion to approve the reports was made and seconded. The motion passed.

Election of Officers

–          Jack Minore chaired the election

–          Ann Kucera was nominated to be treasurer, there were no other nominations. Ann was elected by acclimation

–          John Cherry was nominated to be secretary, there were no other nominations. John was elected by acclimation

–          Sherry Hayden was nominated to be vice-president, there were no other nominations. Sherry was elected by acclimation

–          Mike Keeler was nominated to be president, there were no other nominations. Mike was elected by acclimation


Real Estate Report – Mark Fisher

–          19 active for sale, 1 foreclosure and 2 short sales

–          16% distressed, continued reduction from previous meetings

–          Inventory is continuing to decrease

–          Price per square foot on houses sold is going up


Jennifer Burnett

–          Second Saturday of every month at the parking lot by Family Video at 9am-10am

–          Mulching Tuesday May 20th at 6pm at the garden in front of Family Video


State Representative Phil Phelps

–          Discussed the difficult budget that was presented by the Emergency Manager

–          Discussed attempts to get some money in the state budget for police and fire for the City of Flint

–          Discussed the concepts of Promise Zones


Mike Herriman – Neighborhood Watch

–          Introduced Nada from Mott Park who has established a neighborhood watch program similar to ours

–          Our watch program and other neighborhood watch programs are sharing information that is leading to arrests

–          Met with the Police Chief to change the procedures that police use when they are confronting illegal activity, that the perpetrator claims is legitimate (for example stripping a house)

–          If you want to be on Red Alert call Shane Grambling – 701-0487


Website Report – John Cherry

–          It is up now, it was briefly up last weekend but it crashed after a brief time

–          You can go on now and it looks great, many resources on the site


Blight – Raul Garcia

–          Robert T Longway Apartments – got the trash cleaned up

–          If you catch people dumping at the apartments, call Raul

–          Raul’s number is 834-0834

–          The apartments are going to be condemned

–          403 S. Franklin is starting to progress


Genesee County Conservation District – Andy Everman

–          They are doing a survey of the trees in the City of Flint

–          The district will be bringing a green neighborhoods program to the neighborhood in the fall

–          Running for County Commission in the 7th District


Jeff Bean – Running for State Representative in the 34th District

–          Discussed his background

–          Flint teacher

–          The district encompasses the eastern part of the neighborhood, starting at Franklin



–          There is a just between neighbors facbook page

–          This year’s Flint River Cleanup was the largest ever

–          Neighborhood party was postponed


Meeting adjourned at 9:10

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